Alembic #15: JAZZ

Currin & Steel video still: performer Jin Camou
Currin & Steel video still: performer Jin Camou

Performance Works NorthWest presents

June 10 & 11
Alembic #15: JAZZ

JAZZ, curated by Seth Nehil, is an evening of bold new performance work, cutting across and between disciplines of dance, music and the visual arts. JAZZ celebrates the nonsensical onomatopoesis of the expressionist impulse, sparking a vivid intermesh of parts to the whole. JAZZ features the brightest young performers in the brashest new arrangements.

WHO:    Seth Nehil, curator
         Currin and Steele
         Sporting musical collective
         Kathleen Keogh & Sarah Johnson

WHEN:     Friday June 10 & Saturday June 11at 8pm.

HOW:     Tickets $12-$15 (discounts for Boris & Natasha Fan Club)
at the door or at

WHERE:     Performance Works NorthWest  (
4625 SE 67th Ave., Portland, OR 97206

PHOTOS: here

CURRIN & STEELE is Rebecca Steele and Posie Currin, an installation-art team known for complex environments utilizing gilded tree limbs, photography, 16mm film, video projections, magikal incantations and scattershot paintings – all together and all at once.

SPORTING is Luke Wyland (the mastermind of maximalist-pop band AU) and John Niekrasz (the extraordinary drummer of Why I Must Be Careful).  Together, they make intricate, shifting, propulsive improvised music with keyboards and drums.

SARAH KEOGH & KATHLEEN JOHNSON is Sarah Johnson (performance art-star) and Kathleen Keogh (Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner). As a singularity, they use bodies, sounds and gestures, investigating the dissolution of persona within the stoned microstructures of cyberspace, with no pants on.

SETH NEHIL is a performance-maker and artist.  He has collaborated with choreographers (including Linda Austin and Linda K. Johnson) and has released numerous albums on international experimental labels.  His performance works explore physical tangibility, narrative fragmentation and dramatic abstraction.  Seth Nehil teaches sound at the Pacific NW College of Art.

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