The Pronouns: 40 dancers do 40 dances

My friend Clarinda Mac Low has assembled 40 performers, now in the process of creating dances for a September 2012 staging of The Pronouns, a series of chance-derived dance instructional poems by Clarinda’s father, poet/composer Jackson Mac Low.  I am honored to be a part (via Skype!) of this fabulous homage to Jackson, a weekend of performance at Danspace Project in New York City as part of PLATFORM 2012: Judson Now celebrating the 50th anniversary of Judson Dance Theater. Excitement all around.

In Clarinda’s words:

“40 Dancers + 40 Poems = 40 Dancers do 40 Dances for the Dancers
A delirious, exuberant celebration of The Pronouns: A Collection of 40 Dances for the Dancers, in honor of my father Jackson Mac Low’s birthday, and in tribute to the New York City post-Judson dance community.”

You can share in the delight of this 90th birthday tribute to Jackson Mac Low and to Clarinda’s extended dance community!

Please watch the video and visit the indiegogo site HERE. Lend your support and receive some pretty cool rewards, as well as the best reward of all, becoming part of a wide-spread community gathered together to honor one of the great 20th Century artists.

[vimeo 47451429]

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