SAVE THE DATES: 10th & last Richard Foreman Fest

The dates to save: Nov. 8-17, 2012

Performance Works NW is pulling together the 10th version of its annual fundraiser inspired by the work of avant-garde pioneer Richard Foreman. Formerly known as a “Mini-Festival,” it is “Mini-” no more. For this 10th and final Festival will stretch out over ten days of Foremanesque antics around the city in which a stellar array of Portland-area artists extract, rearrange, dismantle and mangle selections from the Foreman’s online royalty-free notebooks, culminating with a final performance at PWNW on Saturday November 17, 2012. On this day, as in previous years, audiences will be amused, befuddled, surprised and thrilled by the stagings of dance, theater, performance, video, music created by the brave artists who will receive the text and rules for staging just 10 days prior to the performance.

Performance Works NW
4625 SE 67th Ave.
FIrst seating at 7:30 pm (doors open 7pm)
2nd seating at 9:30 pm (doors open at 9:15)
$15-$30 sliding for each seating
$20-$75 sliding scale for the whole show
Tickets for the Nov. 17 show will be sold at the Nov. 8-16 events and online at

On the 9 days leading up to this grand finale, Portlanders can graze from a smorgasbord of geographically-dispersed ancillary events such as installations, a treasure hunt, guerrilla performances, webcasts, cocktail parties, house performances, readings, tournaments etc. at various times of day. These will also comprise a recapitulation of all the Foreman Texts used thus far. See the list below. For updates, roster of artists, schedules and locations as they develop, keep checking in here!

SCHEDULE (in progress)
listed next to the date are the text and the year it was featured in the Foreman Fest
locations still TBD

Wednesday Nov. 7
–Artists for the Nov. 17 event receive text and rules.

Thursday Nov. 8  ROLY POLY IN CHINA (2003)
–words will sprout around the city; curated by Mark Owens

Friday Nov. 9  YEAR 2000 (2004)
–Linda’s 10 Tiiny Dance at the Seattle Art Museum includes text from this one
–there will be a video to watch online

Saturday Nov. 10 ADVENTURES (2005)

Sunday Nov. 11  DON’T KNOW (2006)
–Meg McHutchison hosts party games; drinks by James Yeary

Monday Nov. 12  COLLECTIONUS (2007)

Tuesday Nov. 13  RAUCH-NEO A (2008)

Wednesday Nov. 14  DISMEMBER (2009)
–Miss Magdalen’s Exclusive Richard Foreman Oracle™ Experience (Tiffany Lee Brown)

Thursday Nov. 15  CAFE (2010)

Friday Nov. 16 2011 BUDDAH PTING (2011)
–curated by Leo Daedalus

Saturday Nov. 17 2012 GRAND FINALE:
Text To Be Determined
at Performance Works NW

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