Nov. 1 & 2 || Cabaret Boris & Natasha

Cabaret-2013-frontCABARET BORIS & NATASHA
(the resurrection)

Friday-Saturday Nov. 1- 2, 2013 @ 8pm
Performance Works NorthWest
4625 SE 67th Ave. (Foster/Holgate)

Tickets: $10-$15 sliding scale or at door
Bring an offering for the Dia de los Muertos altar and have a drink on us!

Reviving the Cabaret after a 3-year sleep,  just in time for Dia de los Muertos, PWNW presents a weekend of performance riffing on notions of alternate personae, imposters, disguises & cover versions

MC’d by the multi-talented Wayne Bund as “Feyonce” , plus
Intisar Abioto (dance)
Chuck Barnes (songs with a banjo)
Grace Carter, Anne Sorce, Camille Cettina, Ron Mason Gassaway (theatre)
Luke Gutgsell with Nicholas Daulton (dance)
Morgan Ritter (performance)
The Boris & Natasha Dancers (anti-dance): Charles Boardman, Christopher Huizar & Seth Thomas

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ARTIST DETAILS BELOW  – for photos click HERE
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Wayne Bund is an interdisciplinary artist whose work resides within the act of performance. He uses photographs, videos, installation, and performance to explore notions of persona and authenticity, pointing to the thin line between the self, persona, and the other. He was born in Portland and raised on a farm in Boring, Oregon. He holds an MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art, an MS in Teaching from Pace University, and a BA in Theater from University of Oregon. Bund has performed at the Ludlow Festival in the U.K. and in Portland with PICAʼs TBA festival in 2009, 2011, and 2013. His films have appeared in the Seattle Lesbian Gay Film Festival, the HUMP festival, and the Radical Faerie Film Festival. He has exhibited in San Francisco at SOMarts and in Portland at the Q-Center, PNCA’s Faculty Biennial, PLACE, Cock Gallery, Disjecta, and the East End. He received a 2012 Project Grant from Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Intisar Abioto is a writer, dancer, choreographer, photographer, explorer, storyteller, and multimedia artist. She is working with dance, word, self-mythos, and magic to merge internal and external Intisars from past, present, future, and fantasy occasions of time. Intisar studied English and Dance at Wesleyan University in CT, where she danced about the human genome with The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, and wrote about the movement poetics in Chaucer. She is the founder of The People Could Fly Project (where she turned award- winning children’s book, The People Could Fly, into an international 200,000-mile flying dance-media-performance expedition), Flier Arts Media, The Black Portlanders, and Midnight Seed Mylks.

Chuck Barnes loves interpreting songs that reside at various points along the popularity spectrum; he molded his approach to delivering lyric in the church choirs of his callow years.  In his professional life he is an executive technology coach.  He is a Newfoundlander, but not the canine sort.  He is partial to flan, gin, and potatoes.  He lives in a green house not far from here, with an accordion-playing Long Islander and two cats.

Grace Carter performs “Untitled # ______” with Camille Cettina, Anne Sorce, and composer Ron Mason Gassaway. “Untitled # ______” explores the work and process of Cindy Sherman from a performative perspective. What are the moments in between images and the moments “caught” in time? How does disguise actually work to reveal vulnerabilities, iconic personas, strength and the “real self?” How do we become transfixed with identity and objects? By presenting a piece primarily in physical language, we explore how Cindy Sherman achieves many of these ideas and themes through posture, gaze, shape and… wigs! Of course.
Grace Carter has been working in theatre arts and filmmaking for the past 13 years. She co-founded the critically acclaimed defunkt theatre, winning 2010 Drammy Award for best direction on “4.48 Psychosis”. Grace’s films have been screened at The PDX Fest and the Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art Museum and she has worked as an actor on many film projects, including “Paranoid Park,” a feature film by Gus Van Sant.
Camille Cettina is a performer, director, choreographer and creator of original work who has worked with a wide range of companies at home and abroad. She is Co-Artistic Director & Co-Founder of the physical theatre company, Push Leg.
Anne Sorce is a performer and creator of original work. She has performed with Imago Theatre (The Beaux Arts Club, The Black Lizard, Zugzwang) among others. Anne is also a coach and performer with PlayWrite Inc. Anne is Co-Artistic Director & Co-Founder of the physical theatre company, Push Leg.
Ron Mason Gassoway is a fine artist, film & theatre composer, and live performer. His video & installation work has been exhibited at the Portland Art Museum, the Taipei Biennial and the PDX Film Festival. He has written and produced music for artists such as Holly Andres, Grace Carter, Karl Lind and Jennifer Robin. He is a founding member of the antagonistic dance music ensemble Muscle Beach and the provocative improvisational group Party Killer.

In the solo “Je M’ Appelle Amanda,” dancer Nicholas Daulton and choreographer Luke Gutgsell explore ecstatic improvisations and peculiar rituals. Personas merge and splinter as the dancer slips through layers of luxurious movement. Gutgsell (Ohio State University, BFA) is a dance artist with over 9 years of professional experience. He has performed at such celebrated venues as The Sydney Opera House, The Kennedy Center, New York City Center, The Guggenheim Museum, The New Museum, Dance Theater Workshop and the The Joyce Theater with artists David Dorfman, Tiffany Mills, Risa Jarolsow, Meredith Monk, Bill T. Jones and Shen Wei . His choreography has been presented at LaMama Theater, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, West End Theater  and Teatro Merida in Merida, Mexico. He has taught modern dance, improvisation and partnering to students at every level in studios and Universities around the country and in Europe.  Currently, he is in residence at Studio 2 where he will present a new work in late March of 2014.

Morgan Ritter is working on defying the way we absorb and understand the world conditioned by a proliferation of flattening and freezing. Precarious compositions mixed with various regular objects are especially interesting to her. For this performance, Morgan is using a sock, a microphone, a rotary display turntable, a video, and poetry. Morgan has a BA in Intermedia from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (2011). Her sculptures and videos have been exhibited through institutions such as the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, the Henry Art Museum (Seattle) and Centre Pompidou (Paris). She has been awarded residencies in New Mexico, New York, and Colorado. Aside from her sculptural practice, she writes poetry and has published two books. Recently, she was nominated for the Brink Award and today is generating a few new projects, aside from her life-long project of creating an unconventional sculpture garden she is busy with a few web-released PDFs of poetry.

The Boris & Natasha Dancers, the most talented revolving gang of untrained male dancers in the universe, will perform a dance whipped up in one rehearsal under the guidance of taskmistress Linda Austin. This particular group is Charles Boardman, Christopher Huizar, and Sæth Thomæs.

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