Nov. 19 || V I S I O N S at East End Bar

push pullNov. 19 at 9pm V I S I O N S: Push // Pull 

Linda Austin
Reid Urban
MOUTH (House of Aquarius) 

East End, 303 SE Grand, Ave, curated by Nadia Buyse.

Linda is performing with Mike Barber, Jamuna Chiarini, Nicholas Daulton, Richard Decker, Keyon Gaskin, Luke Gutgsell, Fawn Williams Nance, Lizz Omatic, Danielle Ross,  Dawn Stopiello, & Taka Yamamoto. 
WE GO ON AT 10pm

V I S I O N S is moving locations and has now made its new home at East End. New place. New attitude. Nadia Buyse has invited some of her favorite movement based artists in Portland Oregon to perform on the anti stage at the bottom of the stairs. I Hope you will join us.

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