Linda Austin awarded RACC Performing Arts Fellowship

The Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) has selected two performing artists to receive this year’s fellowship awards: Linda Austin and Anita Menon. RACC’s fellowship program is designed to help local artists of high merit sustain or enhance their creative process, and each fellowship includes a cash award of $20,000.

Linda Austin, co-founder & director of Performance Works Northwest in Portland, has been making dance and performance since 1983, often with a strong visual element and a commitment to commissioning original music. Her working process exploits and explores the body’s powers and limits, bringing each performer’s vulnerabilities and strengths, accidental awkwardness and elegance, into a web of relationships—intimate, playful, confrontational—with other bodies, objects, environment, sound and media. The resultant improvisational and/or highly choreographed works are non-linear, poetic, often laced with humor, deploying movement that often disrupts what is generally considered “dancerly.”

Linda plans to use the RACC fellowship to take the time to revisit a past work, Three Trick Pony, as well as embark on the creation of a new piece, (Un)Made.

Read more about the Fellowship and Anita Menon, who has also been awarded, HERE.

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