2015 Alembic Residency: Call for proposals

photos of 2014 Alembic Artists by Chelsea Petrakis

Request for Proposals
2015 Alembic Resident Artist Program
Deadline Dec. 5, 2014

Alembic = apparatus used in alchemy or distilling. The word “alembic” is also used metaphorically for anything that refines or transmutes, as if by distillation (as in “the alembic of creative thought”). 

PWNW || LAD is proud to announce that, with the continued support of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant, we are entering into year three of the Alembic Resident Artist Program.

Alembic Resident Artist Program
Three Portland-area artists or artist groups working in original and contemporary time-based performance whose work engages a strong movement, body or dance-based component, will receive 80 hours of studio time to be used between January 15 and December 15, 2015. Additional time once the 80 hours is reached can be rented at $5-6/hr through December 2015.

The artists will share the results of their studio time with each other, the panel and invited friends at least twice. Depending on the interests and energies of the artists, and the timing of any results from their R&D, a weekend of work may be presented in the fall of 2015.

Application Process:  Send an email to performanceworksnw@gmail.com with the following attachments.

1. Bio (up to 400 words) Include any website, blog or other links where you virtually reside/create/live

2. Essay: You and your making (up to 600 words)

Note the relationship between the following questions and the panel’s Criteria for Selection.

  1. How does your work align with PWNW’s mission to advance experimentation in contemporary performance?
  2. Describe your relationship to the field of contemporary performance and dance. Possible questions to help you do this are:
    • Where are you in your trajectory as a maker? What are your questions, areas of investigation and how might you explore them?  How do you view yourself as an explorer of form, content, genre within a contemporary context? What does it mean to you to be an artist in this time and place?
  3. How will time spent at PWNW have a potential for significant impact on your growth as an artist?

3. Work Sample– up to 2 samples of continuous selection from a work (no short clips as in promo reels) of previous or in-progress work, 10 minutes total. YouTube or Vimeo links only–or possibly some other online platform. No DVDs.

4. Work Sample Info Sheet with
  1. Year of Premiere  + Year of Performance if different
  2. Title and URL (Vimeo or YouTube link)
  3. Credits including your role in the production
  4. Viewing points – For example: “Please watch minutes 8-12 of this sample
  5. Length of sample & length of complete piece, if an excerpt. Also where in the piece this was. For example: This excerpt begins 30 minutes into a 55 minute piece.

5. Recommended panelists [optional]: Feel free to recommend a Portland artist, arts writer, curator from performance, visual or media arts.

Criteria for Selection: based on evidence from writing, work sample and knowledge by the panel of the artist’s work.
  1. The artist’s work aligns with PWNW’s mission to advance experimentation in contemporary performance and media arts.
  2. The artist demonstrates a keen investigative spirit and a self-aware intelligent questioning of her or his own process.
  3. The time spent at PWNW has potential for significant impact on the growth and process of the artist.

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