Bringing Light for 15 Years!

pwnwbannerHappy Solstice!
Celebrate the return of the light by lighting our way into the next 15 years!

Dear PWNW family,

15 YEARS OLD! With awe and gratitude, we at Performance Works NorthWest || Linda Austin Dance cherish the moments of inspiration, awkwardness, hilarity, confusion, illumination, frustration, relief, doggedness, and joy that have infused rehearsals, workshops, parties and performances since we opened the doors in July 2000 to our space in the diverse Foster-Powell neighborhood. The celebratory image above hearkens back to some of those memories, as do recollections from many members of the PWNW family in the current issue of FRONT, Edition 4: BUOY. Get your copy next time you come visit! Or visit to find out more.

2014 WAS FULL OF HAPPENINGS from our Alembic Artist Residencies, Co-Productions, our summerFANfare open house and the fall Cabaret, to the culmination of The Word Hand, my collaboration withLinda Hutchins and Pat Boas. I also had the honor of co-facilitating Exquisite Corpus, a Precipice Fund supported workshop series that took place at FLOCK, with my beloved colleagues Tahni Holt andLinda K. Johnson. PLUS I got to create a solo for fabulous dancer Jen Hackworth as part of Co/Missionat Conduit Dance.

WE WERE ALSO ON THE ROAD—in Seattle for NW New Works at On the Boards and theSeattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, plus the opportunity afforded by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation to spend an intensely pleasurable few days at the Rauschenberg Estate on Captiva Island for the SEED Summit, meeting and learning from fellow SEED Grantees from around the country. (I still have a constellation of tiny scabs on my legs from no-see-um bites to prove I was there!)

2015 BRINGS EXCITEMENT, plans, hope—and yes, MORE gratitude—as we look forward to another year full of creative endeavor. Here’s a brief preview:

With support from a recently awarded RACC Performing Arts Fellowship, I begin the first phase of my 2-year project (Un)Made. A series of pass-along solos featuring myself and Jin Camou, Nancy Ellis,keyon gaskin, Jen Hackworth, Tahni Holt, Linda K. Johnson, Matthew Shyka and Robert Tyree will take place on the 2nd weekend of each month from March through July. All performances of this relay series are at PWNW. If all goes well, you might also see an updated version later in the year of my 2013 solo, Three Trick Pony.

Alembic Artist Residencies:
Three Alembic Resident Artists from the Portland area—Nancy Ellis, Dora Gaskill, and Stephanie Trotter—will begin their research and rehearsal in the studio early in the new year. Los Angeles-based choreographer Meg Wolfe arrives in February to spend a month living and working at PWNW, as she continues to develop her current project New Faithful Disco. In March, we welcome Seattle-based ilvs stauss, and from Morelia, Mexico, dance collective La Barbacoa for shorter, but no less exciting, creative visits. In the summer, we can’t wait to meet and host Clare Whistler from the U.K., who will be spending time in Portland to work with our friend Jen Mitas as well as a visit by Ron Amit & Michael Garber.

Alembic Co-Production Series:

This program kicks off January 24 with a program curated by the Creative Music Guild: a night of music by Henry Kaiser and guests Dana Valatka and Fred Chalenor. Later in the year, we will see performances by Oluyinka Akinjiola and Seattle-based Alice Gosti.

Our awesome dance class for kids 7-11, led by Jen Hackworth and keyon gaskin, continues with a 6-week series beginning Jan. 10. $25-$50 sliding scale. Call 503- 777-1907 to register or More info HERE.

Expect a variety of fun pop-up events throughout the year to celebrate our 15 years. Here’s one hint:pinball anyone?

None of this creative ferment is possible without your energy behind us, manifested in the form of cash, time, in-kind donations and participation in our events. Please show your confidence in our devotion to creating the next 15 years of artistry, risk-taking and community-building.

Donate online:
Donate by check: PWNW || 4625 SE 67th Ave. || Port
Make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust and subtract the amount of the match from your Oregon taxes on your 2014 return.

All of you are part of what we do and we thank you!

Linda Austin
PWNW Artistic/Executive Director

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