May 8 & 9 || (Un)Made Solo Relay #3 || Linda K. Johnson + Matthew Shyka

Installment # 3 of the (Un)Made Solo Relay!
(Un)Made Solo Relay Leg #3 ⇾ Matthew Shyka + Linda K. Johnson⇾
May 8 & 9 || Friday & Saturday at 8pm
Performance Works NW || 4625 SE 67th Ave.
Tickets: $10 $25 for the remainder of the monthly series through August
Limited seating! Buy advance tickets at

It’s Matthew Shyka & Linda K. Johnson‘s turn to replay what they have remembered, misremembered and adapted from witnessing versions by Jin Camou and Keyon Gaskin, respectively, in Leg #2 of this solo relay series. In Leg #3, Matthew & Linda will each perform their own perfectly imperfect iterations of a dance brimming with unpredictable perceptual, physical, textual and emotional currents. Plus just a few objects! The Solo Relay is the first stage of Austin’s long term project (Un)Made. Sound by John Berendzen; visuals by Morgan Ritter; lighting by Jeff Forbes. Read more about the artists HERE .

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