August 26 || Clare Whistler + Jen Mitas || a hole in time

a hole in time
Wednesday August 26 || 7pm
FREE * donations for the artists gratefully accepted

It might be a discussion, an action, a score, a happening, a dig, a seminar, a research presentation, a walk, a sharing, an interaction, a round table

Clare Whistler has had a 30-year career as a dancer, choreographer and director, including 15 years working in opera, education and community projects. “My work breaks down the boundaries between disciplines and artists to find ways to offer insight, feeling and moments of timeless beauty, whether in performance, site-specific work, text, music, visual art and landscape. With a source in movement and gesture, I respond, interpret and collaborate. I am always looking for ways to encourage, ignite and inspire creativity in others. My residency at PWNW is like a hole in time from my home life, so my collaboration with Jen Mitas connects holes and digging.”

holeJen Mitas produces, and sometimes makes performance. She has a PhD in performance studies from University of London where she taught for 7 years, and researched performance, labor and emotion. Since moving to Portland from the UK in 2012, she has worked with Hand2Mouth in an administrative capacity, and is their current executive director. This summer she is easing toward a long term investigation of digging, and the creation of unproductive holes, as a performance practice, and a site of resistance/ disruption/ joy in post-industrial economies. 

Photos: Clare by Richard Davies; hole by Clare Whistler

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