June 18-July 2 || Procedures for Saying No

PWNW Artistic Director Linda Austin is thrilled to be working with Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble in Procedures For Saying No, opening June 18 at Shaking the Tree Theatre. The show is a prequel (of sorts) for PETE’s Journey Play project, an examination of toil in the workplace, and what conditions might make a person choose the roaring chaos of the deep over the relative safety of the shore. Loosely based on Melville’s Bartleby, the Scrivener, the play will ask both PETE and our audience to interrogate the procedures that govern our lives and the consequences of saying no.


Directed by Rebecca Lingafelter

Words by Robert Quillen Camp

Performed by Amber Whitehall, Cristi Miles, Jacob Coleman, Linda Austin, and Murri Lazaroff-Babin

Designed by Peter Ksander, Miranda k Hardy, Mark Valadez, and Jenny Ampersand

Stage Manager Caitlin Fisher-Draeger

Procedures for Saying No is made possible, in part, by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Kinsman Foundation, the Oregon Cultural Trust, and Ronni LaCroute.

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