July Events at PWNW

July Events at PWNW

The following events take place at our studio!
Performance Works NW || 4625 SE 67th Ave. || Portland, OR 97206


Join Ron Amit, Michael Garber and special guests for drop-in opportunities during the TransformOtion Intensive happening through July 15: Gaga, TransformOtion Method, repertory from Batsheva Dance. Check out your options HERE.



Paratheatrical Research Presents 
A Paratheatre Video Document by Antero Alli
July 24 at 8pm || $5-$10 sliding scale

Sylvi Alli to perform embodied voice methods before the screening. Filmmaker Antero Alli to host post-screening Q&A.

ORPHANS OF DELIRIUM (2004; 84 min. USA) Inspired by the paratheatrical work of Jerzy Grotowski, in 1977 Antero Alli proceeded to develop an original paratheatre medium combining methods of physical theatre, abstract dance, vocalization, and Zazen — to access and express the internal landscape. Over four months in 2004, Alli trained eleven individuals in his paratheatre methods to develop initiatic rituals which they performed before a stunned San Francisco audience. The video document produced for this event cuts back and forth between the performance and candid interactions between Alli and two of the performers — Nick Walker and Paradox Pollack — discussing their experiences.

“The actors in these rituals look like a cross between a person, an elementary force such as a river or a storm, and a wild animal. Watching the rituals is a little like looking through a window at a particularly dramatic and captivating bit of weather. It doesn’t look like a “play,” but absolutely mesmerizing to watch these elemental forces gathering themselves and affecting each other.” — DAVID FINKELSTEIN, filmthreat.com (4 stars)

The review in its entirety

Paratheatre F.A.Q.



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