Oct. 21 || Pharmakon Wobble

Pharmakon Wobble
Friday October 21st, 9pm-11pm
Doors will remain open throughout the duration of the performance.

Performance Works NW || Linda Austin Dance
4625 SE 67th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206

No Ticket Price: $5 suggested donation
Refreshments available

Pharmakon Wobble presents an unconventional evening of sound, image and movement. Arranged from philosophical and spiritual sources, both primitive and modern, from the traditional to the esoteric, Pharmakon Wobble is a work that examines the noumenous relationships between the human condition and its mythical paradox.

Artist Collaborators:
Joey Doretto
Bill Kelley
Michael McCloskey
Natalie Singer
Tom Truong
Vincent Young

Production | Creative Design:
Rachel Kessler

Concept | Direction:
Matthew Fielder

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