Dec. 9-11 || I’d Like to Get to Know You

The Intimacy Project: I’d Like to Get to Know You
creator: Sascha Blocker

Fri., Dec. 9th at 7pm
Fri., Dec. 9th at 9pm
Sat., Dec. 10th at 7pm
Sat., Dec. 10th at 9pm
Sun., Dec. 11th at 4pm
Sun., Dec. 11th at 7pm

Performance Works NW
4625 SE 67th Ave. Portland, OR

FREE TICKETS available through Brown Paper Tickets.
Reservations required – seating is limited.

Cash donations will be accepted at the performance to help cover artistic and rental fees. You can also support this project by donating to Push Leg through Fractured Atlas, contributions are tax-deductible. 

I’d Like to Get to Know You is inspired by The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness: A Procedure and Preliminary Findings, which is commonly known as The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. The goal of this research was to create temporary feelings of closeness between same or cross-sex pairings. In I’d like to Get to Know You our goal is to foster a sense of intimacy within our community, which at times consists of strangers, political allies and opponents, friends, coworkers and many others. To achieve this we borrow some elements from the old study and blend in some new ideas to provoke moments of intimacy between audience members and performers, whether that is sharing a secret, embracing a spontaneous dance party or holding hands with a stranger.

For more insight check out CoHo Lab Interview with Sascha Blocker.

Production developed in part through the support of RACC and CoHo Workshop Lab, a program of CoHo Productions.

Current Collaborators: Beth Summers, Carlos Adrian Manzano, Laura Loy, Stephanie Woods, Veronika Nuñez, Cassie Skauge, & Leviticus Appleton.

Special Thanks: Anne Sorce, Camille Smicker, Max Ward, Jane Ferguson, Joellen Sweeney, Caitlin Fisher-Draeger, Clifton Holznagel, Jenny Ampersand, Jane Vogel, Jean luc Boucherot, Jenni Miller, Fernanda Stier, Gwendolyn Duffy, Alison Crowley & Cate Garrison.

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