June Performances || Linda Austin Dance

Linda Austin Dance is performing in two June Festivals, sharing a work-in-progress excerpt of her current project a world, a world.

June 16-18, 2017
NW New Works Festival
On the Boards, Seattle
tickets and info HERE

June 23-25, 2017
Risk/Reward Festival of New Performance
Artists Repertory Theatre, Portland
tickets and info HERE

In this excerpt, five dancers channel and splice moments of heterogeneous movement and text in a performative interrogation of a world saturated with image and language. They dance, hum, mutter, and mumble; deploy sandbags, a moveable stair unit, a microphone and headphones.

a world, a world is the 3rd chapter in Austin’s body of work titled (Un)Made, deploying various strategies for revealing the limits and bounds of the individual as a discrete entity in each iteration. a world, a world pairs two domains: one in which the dancers and their surroundings are permeated and suffused with texts and iconography, and one in which they inhabit and are inhabited by a spacious, meditative and empty world.

CHOREOGRAPHY & DIRECTION: Linda Austin; SOUND DESIGN: Seth Nehil; SET DESIGN: Linda Austin and Sarah Marguier; COSTUMES: Sarah Marguier; LIGHTING: Jeff Forbes.

PERFORMERS FOR NW NEW WORKS SEATTLE: Linda Austin, claire barrera (Fri), Jen Hackworth (Sat/Sun), Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles, and Takahiro Yamamoto

PERFORMERS FOR RISK/REWARD PORTLAND: Linda Austin (Fri/Sun), claire barrera, Jin Camou, Nancy Ellis (Sat), Jen Hackworth, and Danielle Ross.

OTHER PERFORMER/COLLABORATORS (to appear down the road in the finished work): keyon gaskin and Allie Hankins.

Additional Performer/Collaborators for parts 1 & 2 of (Un)Made: Tahni Holt, Linda K. Johnson, Matthew Shyka and Robert Tyree

Collaborators for parts 1 &2 of (Un)Made: John Berendzen (sound) and Mo Ritter (visuals)

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