Our fall programing features a pair of body snatched aliens; a PWNW fundraiser/celebration; a duo embodying tension, mischief, and surreality; and an immersive group work within two seemingly opposed but equally real/fictional worlds.

SEPT 29-30
Episode III: jin camou, Julia Calabrese + Ayako Kataoka and Kathleen Hong
A short film featuring jin camou and Julia Calabrese, with original music by Mary Sutton, Episode III is the third part of a trilogy involving a pair of body-snatched characters, an alien duo returning to their home planet, traces of interplanetary travel revealed in their bodies. Followed by a short duo by Ayako Kataoka and Kathleen Hong.

ICONIC: a PWNW Fundraiser
Micro-works based on photographic prompts from PWNW performances 2000-2017. Also a raffle!

NOV 9-12
Allie Hankins and Rachael Dichter || When We
Set in an austere world characterized by coded language, penetrating focus, and biting humor, Allie & Rachael skillfully utilize the expansive and charged moments between events to slowly reveal a world where tension is currency, mischief is sustenance, and surreality is a given.

DEC 13-17
Linda Austin Dance || a world, a world
(full-length, in-progress version)
A world saturated and contaminated by randomized shards and shreds of culture—revealed in movement, image, and language—gives way to a world seemingly more spacious, peaceful, and empty. Both worlds are staged, both are fictional, both are real. Whether we feel more at home in one than in the other, in both worlds we remain implicated.

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