Sept. 29-30║Episode 3

Screening & Performance

Film with live synth, costumes & dance

September 29 & 30, 2017
Friday & Saturday at 8pm
Performance Works NW
4625 SE 67th Ave.. Portland

$10-$15 sliding scale
Advance tickets at
Arts for All $5 tickets available for Oregon Trail Card members. Click HERE for info

PWNW presents a screening of Episode 3, a short dance film by jin camou & Julia Calabrese with director of photography Leah Brown. Episode 3 is live scored by Mary Sutton. Following the screening there will be a short duo-in-progress by Ayako Kataoka, with Kathleen Hong. Find the Facebook event page HERE.

As the final part of a trilogy involving a pair of body-snatched characters, Episode 3 is a short film with a live synth score featuring an alien duo arriving on their home planet. Traces of interplanetary travel are revealed through their re-inhabited alien bodies, now synthesized on their planet of origin. This film is their love letter beamed back to Earth. Episode 3 was created in part by the Spaceness Festival 2017 and will screen at the 40 North Dance Film Festival.

episode iii

jin camou is a choreographer, performer, cat whisperer & web developer based in Portland, OR. See some of their/her past work here. jin & Julia have collaborated on three original pieces for Spaceness Festival since 2015. Currently, camou is a member of Linda Austin’s (Un)Made ensemble.

Julia Calabrese is a visual and performing artist based in Portland, OR. She received a BA in Fine Arts from Alfred University in 2007. Her work combines elements of comedy, dance, theater, performance art, movement-based improvisation, and community engagement. Her work can be found at

Mary Sutton is a pianist and composer based in Portland, Or. Her project Saloli features pieces for synth.

unnamedAyako Kataoka works with sound, movement, and installation. She has exhibited her work at venues such as Tokyo Dance Film festival, Museion Bolzano, The Stone NYC, and High Zero in Baltimore. She is currently based in Portland, OR, and is a long term Artist-in-Residence in the Synth Library at S1 Gallery.

Kathleen Hong is a second generation Korean-American from Los Angeles, currently based in Portland, OR.


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