RFP || 2018 Alembic Resident Artists Program

Request for Proposals
2018 Alembic Resident Artist Program
Deadline: Feb. 9, 2018
Residency Period: April 1, 2018-Feb 28, 2019

Alembic = apparatus used in alchemy or distilling. The word “alembic” is also used metaphorically for anything that refines or transmutes, as if by distillation (as in “the alembic of creative thought”). 

PWNW || LAD invites artists working in original and contemporary time-based performance, whose work engages a strong movement, body or dance-based component, to apply for year 6 of our Alembic Resident Artist Program. 

The Alembic Residency

Three Portland-area artists or artist groups will receive 100 hours of studio time to be used between April 1, 2018 and February 28, 2019 Additional time once the 100 hours is reached can be rented at $5-6/hr during the residency period.

There is funding for each artist to engage a mentor/dramaturg/outside eye of their choice to visit rehearsals, give feedback, engage in conversation, help the process along in any way the two (artist and mentor) dream up. This person will receive an honorarium of $300

During the course of the residency, the artists will have the opportunity share the results of their studio time with each other, the panel and invited friends. A weekend of work in any stage of completion will be presented in February 2019, with a minimum of $450 or a three-way split 80% of the proceeds from the door divided among the artists, whichever is greater. Depending on funding, there may be more!

Post Residency Perks
Each artist can continue to rehearse at PWNW for a discounted rate of $7/hour in the year following their residency, i.e. during 2019. In addition, each artist is eligible to be considered for an evening length-performance during 2019 or 2020 as part of PWNW’s Alembic Co-Production Series.


  • Your work may involve other disciplines, but is rooted in movement and/or the body.
  • You should not be enrolled in an academic program.
  • Former Alembic Artists are not eligible at this time.
  • You need to realistically be able to take advantage of the 100 hours of rehearsal and have enough flexibility to meet with your fellow Alembic Artists once every 3-4 months.
  • You need to be here in Portland most of the year. You need to be in Portland in February 2019, available to perform or otherwise share your work


  1. Send a quick email ASAP signaling your intention to apply.
  2. Assemble all the following into a single document.
  3. Save it as a PDF/
  4. Email your application by 11:59pm Feburary 9, 2018 to THIS LINK.

1. Bio (up to 400 words) Include any website, blog or other links where you virtually reside/create/live

2. Artist Statement: You and your process (up to 600 words–Please also look at the Criteria for Selection Below when writing)

  1. How does your work align or intersect with PWNW’s mission to advance experimentation in contemporary performance? Why is PWNW the place for YOU at this time in your life?

    • You might include any interest in the questioning of artistic form or content, hybridity, open-endedness, exploration, how your process addresses the unknown.
  2. What are your personal and artistic goals and what are your goals for the residency period? You will be sharing your work in some form near the end of the residency, but it does not have to be a finished product.
    • Include any motivations, intentions, or inspirations that are a critical part of your artistic process as a whole or for the proposed residency.
    • Describe any concepts, materials, subjects, processes, structures, or questions central to your work.
    • How do you envision working with a mentor/advisor/dramaturg of your choice?

3. Work Sample + Info Sheet

Prepare 1 or 2 samples of a continuous selection from a work (no short clips as in promo reels) of previous or in-progress work, 5-8 minutes total. YouTube or Vimeo links preferred–or possibly some other online platform. No DVDs.


Link to a specific portion of a YouTube video: https://www.h3xed.com/web-and-internet/link-to-a-specific-time-in-a-youtube-video

Link to a specific start point in Vimeo:  Simply append #t=0m0s to the URL to point 0 minutes and 0 seconds past the start of the video. Replace the 0 with your desired values and the link will scrub forward the specified amount in your browser. Example:https://vimeo.com/147258245#t=6m5s  starts 6 min and 5 sec into the clip.

Info Sheet:
  1. Year of Premiere  + Year of Performance, if different
  2. Title and URL (Vimeo or YouTube link) as stated above.
  3. Credits including your role in the production
  4. Viewing points if needed – For example: “Please watch minutes 8-12 of this sample. Or use the above HINT to link to a specific starting point in a longer vidwo
  5. Length of sample & length of complete piece, if an excerpt. Also where in the piece this was. For example: This excerpt begins 30 minutes into a 55 minute piece.
  6. How does this video relate to anything you have written about in your Artist Statement?

5. Recommended panelists [optional]: Feel free to recommend a Portland artist, arts writer, curator from performance, visual or media arts.

Criteria for Selection: based on evidence from writing, work sample and knowledge by the panel of the artist’s work. 
  1. The artist’s work aligns with PWNW’s mission to advance experimentation in contemporary performance and media arts
  2. The artist demonstrates a keen investigative spirit and a self-aware intelligent questioning of her or his own process. The artist is specific about areas of exploration, concepts, starting points etc, even if a specific final product is not envisioned at this time.
  3. The time spent at PWNW has potential for significant impact on the growth and process of the artist.

In addition to the above Criteria, the panel will also consider the makeup of of the group as a whole, looking for a group that is heterogeneous in terms of qualities such as background, aesthetic approach, race, gender, age, stage of artist’s career, etc.

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