Feb. 7-21 || The Clark Doll || Syde-Ide Collaborations

Syde-Ide Collaborations presents
The Clark Doll
Pay What You Will Preview: Feb. 6 at 8pm
Performances Feb. 7-14, Feb. 16-17, Feb. 19-21 at 8pm
Additional 10 pm performances on Feb. 10 & 17.
Tickets for 8pm shows HERE.
Tickets for 10pm shows HERE.

PWNW Public Access

Three black women find themselves confined to a space; the kind that doesn’t allow visitors. It isn’t the first time but hopefully, it will be the last. Natasha wants to escape for good; Judi wants to sleep; and Sophia just doesn’t want to end up left alone. Meanwhile, this trio of “sistas” will do what they can to survive their circumstances and each other. Written by Liz Morgan

More information about Syde-Ide and this project HERE.

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