April 20-21 || In Layers || Jana Zahler, Charlie Stellar, and Patsy Morris

In Layers
new work by Jana Zahler, Charlie Stellar, and Patsy Morris
April 20 and 21, 2018 at 8pm
PWNW Public Access

In Layers explores the abstract process of how the masked-self is created, maintained, and dismantled. Experiences get stuck in the body and to be understood and processed, it’s necessary to move through them. We move through layers of our form, both human and non-human aspects of the self. More info and tickets HERE.

Art by Janna Dorothy http://jannadorothy.com

Jana Zahler is a dancer, massage therapist, and Core Energetics student. She received a bachelors degree in Dance and Sociology from University of Oregon; and her love for movement allows her to explore sensation and receive awareness through the body-mind-spirit connection. With a post-modern background, she also practices Compositional Improvisation, which has taught her a new way of showing up in life. The agreements with the work are: show up, pay attention, tell the truth, and to be open to outcome.

Charlie Stellar is a dancer, a prancer, a shape shifting romancer. She is interested in cross-training creativity with many kinds of art and stimulus. Modeling, Photography, Choreography, Drawing, Music Making and more. A couple of years ago she discovered she could combine most of these things in one art form; Dance Film. Sexy, silly, self taught, and steeped in site specific experimentation, Charlie explores her love of movement through making dance films and music videos.
It’s very exciting.

Patsy Morris is an artist of many forms, dance, theater, song, costumes and collage. She uses all of these elements to create performance art pieces. She has been a long time devotee of movement and expression. Discovering what is means to inhabit this human body as an empath. She uses dance to create pieces that are strongly based in character, storytelling and theater.

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