we are that thing which must happen: SUPPORT PWNW!

photo by Chelsea Petrakis

we are that thing which must happen…
…a tiny piece of language from a short story by the great and strange Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector. I love how this declaration, which I once used as a title for a dance, indicates that we are in process, that indeed we are a process— no choice!

Seven simple words—imbued as they are with receptivity rather than willful action—that nevertheless imply the possibility and necessity of movement, (r)evolution, transformation. And don’t we all long for transformation, on so many fronts, right now!

Since 2000, PWNW has evolved as a physical and energetic site for transformative experimentation. Initiatives such as the Alembic Resident Artist Program and Alembic Co-Productions, plus our subsidized space rental, offer artists a chance to dive into new approaches, or to settle more deeply into a project already in process, allowing for the luxury of possible failure, as well as of success. We are grateful for your eyes, ears, words, and sheer presence in response to the work nurtured here—all the dance, film, video, poetry, theater; and all the unclassifiable and hybrid forms that re-energize us.

THANKS TO YOU, we are that thing which has been happening for 19 years, and which must continue to happen.

POWERED BY YOUR LOVE, PWNW has flourished as a dream, a space, a feeling; as a hotbed of creativity and a node of support/rapport for artists and audience.

FUELED BY YOUR GENEROSITY, 2018 was filled with work by these artists/groups: Renée Archibald & Melinda Ring, JAH Justice, Maggie Hazen, crystal jiko, Peter Redgrave, Shana Palmer, Champagne, Tahni Holt and Shannon Stewart/Screaming Traps, Leralee Whittle, Catherine Egan, Suzanne Chi, GRINDGROUP, and Marissa Rae Niederhauser; while also providing the resources to continue our affordable Public Access Program, utilized by Danielle Agami, Leah Wilmoth & Sara Nagaelin, Gigi Rosenberg, ParaTheatrical ReSearch, Syde Ide Collaborations, and many many more.

NURTURED BY YOUR SUPPORT, Linda Austin Dance grows and lives, for example:

  • last December’s in-progress version of a world, a world
  • Ordinary Devotions, a solo which you can experience with me next March.
  • a brand-new collaborative duet I am working on with performer and dancemaker Allie Hankins, a version of which we take to NYC next June

We trust that you will open your hearts to us as you have done in the past, offering your material and moral support as our projects germinate, thrive and mature and as our roots in our community deepen. Here are ways to help:

DONATE to PWNW: give online at pwnw-pdx.org/support

BOARD SERVICE: Have you ever wanted to get real close up and personal with PWNW? Contact us at info@pwnw-pdx.org and let’s talk!

VOLUNTEER: email us to add your name to our list of PWNW fans who help out at performance events.

All of us at PWNW wish you a year’s end with space and time to regenerate, and a new year full of friendship, creativity, prosperity, and the capacity for continued resistance.

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