Feb. 2 ║ Holy Goats! Improvisations

Sunday Feb. 2 at 2pm
$5-$15 at the door

Music—Dance—Video—Performance improvisations accompanied by coffee, tea, and bagels from our favorite Foster Rd businesses!

Allie Hankins + Caspar Sonnet
Pepper Pepper
Tracy Broyles + Adrian Hutapea + jaime lee christiana
Luke Gutgsell + Kennedy Verrett

Wendy Hambidge + Jorge Samuel Faria
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Allie Hankins is a Portland-based performer and performance maker. Her current collaborators include Physical Education (Lu Yim, keyon gaskin, and Taka Yamamoto), Linda Austin, and Rachael Dichter (SF). Most recently, Hankins has performed with Milka Djordjevich (LA) and Morgan Thorson (Minneapolis). She has been described as a combination of your cool older sister, your quirky neighbor, and neurotic mother. Caspar Sonnet is an experimental improvisational musician and composer who roughhouses lap-steel guitars and harmonicas. 
Approach for Holy Goats: bright blue light and running motors.

Pepper Pepper is a performance maker, video artist and drag entertainer recently mentioned on MarthaStewartWeddings.com.  For Holy Goats, audiences join Pepper in an improvisational interactive video and dance environment called “The Zone”.

BunkerFoodStudio (directors tracy broyles and adrian hutapea with current collaborator jaime lee christiana) creates evocative, immersive and spacious environments via sound, visual art, installation and movement. Their work is reflective of the invisible, intangible and metaphysical realm of dreams, myth and elemental archetypes. 
For Holy Goats BunkerFoodStudio will be inviting guidance from the past and the future to braid into the present through the use of our collective toolbox of skills, and ——yarn. Simple and wide, we hope to create more space in the moment.

Luke Gutgsell is a licensed massage therapist and dancer. He performed with many companies including David Dorfman, Meredith Monk, Bill T. Jones, Shen Wei, Tiffany Mills and Risa Jaroslow  throughout the United States and abroad. His own work has been presented internationally and on both coasts. Gutgsell has been the recipient of an artist residency at Performance Works Northwest and Studio 2. His attention is deeply rooted in the body. He is endlessly fascinated with flow states. In his dance he finds pleasure in the musicality of weight and drama in the return to an ever changing bodymind. He is most recently fascinated with solo improvisation which he avidly posts on Instagram. You can find Luke at bodyworkbyluke.org.
Kennedy Verrett is the composer and curator of the Mad Composer Lab, a concept studio designed to explore the process of music composition. Kennedy’s musical vocabulary is eclectic, innovative and truly authentic. As a musician, Kennedy has performed with many professional ensembles playing bassoon and contrabassoon. Additionally, Kennedy performs on piano and an assortment of exotic instruments, including didjeridu and duduk and can be heard on various soundtrack recordings. His background as an orchestral musician, conductor, and player of exotic instruments offers Kennedy an unparalleled perspective in the workings and abilities of a wide range of ensembles in the marriage of sound, visuals, and emotion.

For Holy Goats, Luke and Kennedy are blurring lines between musician and dancer, solo and duet, audience and performer. Exploring balance through process. Exploring seduction, incantation and altered states. Prioritizing simplicity and specificity. Playfully exploring personal power.

—Jorge Samuel Faria and Wendy Hambidge
Two human beings
One black
One white 
One female 
One male 
One 65 
One 23
One country above the equator and one below the equator
Both with bones, blood, hearts, and lungs
Coming together in our individuality
Coming together in our differences
Both dancers and choreographers

Today we experiment with how we are struck by our commonalities and by our differences and how we engage with our ancestral histories today. Looking back, looking forward, and being with. 

Jorge Samuel Faria is a movement artist from Brazil. The grandson of the founder of one of the first schools of Samba in Teresòpolis, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Jorge grew up surrounded by drums and dancing. Currently, he is a candidate at UNESPAR, in Curitiba, Brazil where he studies dance research and composition. Jorge’s current project Nativo Urbano scientifically examines dance composition and movement analysis.

Wendy Hambidge is an artist, somatic therapist, and Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner and Teacher. She holds an MFA in choreography and performance, teaches internationally, and has received grants from the Metropolitan Arts Commission, RACC, and OAC. She co-directed The Dance Cartel, an educational dance organization, and stewarded the Body-Mind Centering Association as a board member, for a decade. Living in the Body serves as home-base for her work as a movement educator. There she assists clients ranging from artists and athletes to parents and their little ones in developing deep physiological awareness. Wendy works to locate the places in the body that connect one to ease, mobility, resilience, understanding, and joy.  livinginthebody.com

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