October 28 || Imposter/Switch

Art is a ‘fake it til you make it’ gamble. Imposter/Switch is a newly launched quarterly interdisciplinary arts exhibition/performance celebrating the imposter syndrome living in each of us and inviting artists to courageously ‘fake it’ wearing the [creative] mask of another artist.

Co-Curators Kennedy Verrett (music) and Marissa Rae Niederhauser (dance, video, performance art) will each select 3 artists working in different disciplines. The artists’ names will go in one hat and their disciplines in another. In a publicly shared video drawing, artists will be randomly assigned a medium outside of their usual practice to share for public exhibition. Artists will than be given two weeks to gather supplies and prepare to show the result of their masquerade.

Fittingly, our inaugural event premiers Halloween Weekend and costumes are lovingly encouraged! You can bet your curators, Marissa and Kennedy, will be looking scrumptious! 

Please join us, in any fashion, on Friday, October 28th 8pm at Performance Works Northwest  

Artist lineup, including their habitual and their “imposter” discipline:

  • Emily Jones (dance >> noise)
  • Gretchen Rinkus (photography >> illustration)
  • Tatiana Muzica (noise >> percussion)
  • Darian Patrick (percussion >> photography)
  • McKenna Marvin (illustration >> dance)
  • Luke Gutgsell (dance >> dance) 

Sliding scale entry suggested $5-$15 cash or venmo at the door
All ticket sales go to the 6 artists.

Follow us on IG for updates and to see the video drawing: Marissa @Josiesecho and Kennedy @madcomposerlab

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