Dear friends of PWNW,

Thank you for 2022! You have made possible the Alembic Residency of Adrianna Audoma, dee bustos, Blue McCall, and Pepper Pepper; our inaugural Alembic Parent Artist Residency with Corrie Befort + Jason Anderson; the co-production or hosting of works by Jennifer Gwirtz, claire barrera, Allie Hankins, and Marissa Rae Niederhauser; our June dance + music + poetry collaboration with Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble and Buckmxn Journal; the premiere of /ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/, my collaboration with Allie Hankins; the sharing of mile 2 of my durational solo 3 miles of possible; and a flowering of studio research, creation, and performances by many other artists. It’s felt great to return to so much in-person liveliness!

2023 brings a new ADA bathroom! Also a music/dance evening February 11 for Extradition‘s celebration of composer Philip Corner, a new episode of Imposter/Switch, works by Alembic Alums Pepper Pepper and Emily Jones + Hannah Krafcik, the premiere of all 3 miles (4+ hours!) of 3 miles of possible, more Alembic Resident Artists and Alembic Parent Residencies. Your support—however it manifests—is so essential. We remain grateful.

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