February 11 || Extradition Plays Corner || music + dance celebrating the work of Philip Corner

PWNW hosts an evening of music + dance as part of a Extradition’s multi-weekend, multi-venue festival celebrating the work of composer Philip Corner, who, since the 1950s, has composed thousands of works exploring the intersection of the classical tradition, post–John Cage experimentalism, and a desire to forge true creative collaboration between composer and performer.

Dancers Linda Austin (PWNW Artistic Director) and colleague Danielle Ross join musicians Loren Chasse, Annie Gilbert, Matt Hannafin, Branic Howard, Maxx Katz, Juniana Lanning, Caspar Sonnet, and Stephanie Lavon Trotter for this special event!

Saturday Feb 11, 7:30pm
Performance Works NW | 4625 SE 67th Ave | Portland

Advance tickets and festival passes here
Tickets also available at the door: $10-$20.

Extradition Plays Corner runs every Saturday from Jan. 21 through Feb. 18, 2023. Complete festival calendar here


Presence (1995) – Loren Chasse, Matt Hannafin, Maxx Katz, Juniana Lanning, and Caspar Sonnet (percussion), with dancers Linda Austin and Danielle Ross

La Bella Infinita (2001) – Loren Chasse (percussion), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (guitar), Juniana Lanning (percussion), and Caspar Sonnet (dobro), with dancer Danielle Ross

Sounds, Austere, for Elegant Rooms (1960–75) – Annie Gilbert (trombone), Matt Hannafin (psaltery, percussion), Maxx Katz (flute), Caspar Sonnet (dobro), and Stephanie Lavon Trotter (voice)

3 for Phyllis for Some Things (1967) – Loren Chasse (percussion), Annie Gilbert (trombone, voice), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (percussion), Maxx Katz (flute, voice), and Stephanie Lavon Trotter (voice), with dancers Linda Austin and Danielle Ross

A Day in the Life (or a Moment) (or More) (approx. 2008) – Linda Austin (dance, images), Matt Hannafin (voice, images), and Juniana Lanning (voice, images)

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