a world, a world

a world a world, presented at PWNW in January 2020, invited audiences into a an extravagantly immersive landscape saturated by shards of movement, sound, image, and language—a hyperactive tumult that stutters and sputters out, yielding to a spacious, luminous, and meditative world.

First presented as a work-in-progress in December 2017, this work is the culminating chapter in (Un)Made, a multi-year body of work investigating the limits and porosity of the individual self in relation to the multitude of possible spaces we inhabit: performative, collective, socio-political, and devotional. unmade.net

Choreography: Linda Austin in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Linda Austin, claire barrera, Muffie Delgado Connelly, Nancy Ellis, Hannah Krafcik, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles
Sound landscape & promo video: Seth Nehil
Visual design and costumes: Sarah Marguier
Lighting design: Jeff Forbes

Cast for 2017 version (five dancers a night rotating in and out in different combinations) :
Linda Austin, claire barrera, gin camou, Nancy Ellis, keyon gaskin, Jen Hackworth, Allie Hankins, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles, and Takahiro Yamamoto

Many thanks to the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and to the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation was support was instrumental in the development of this work.

Photos above from January 2020 performance.
Photos below from December 2017 performance.
All photos by Chelsea Petrakis.

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