Ordinary Devotions (premiering 2019)

Ordinary Devotions is a solo of tenderness towards the body (aging, yet resilient) and the world (tangible, but ephemeral). An intimate drama of gesture and sensation unfolds alongside an unorthodox use of everyday objects: a large white tarp, a lamp worn on the body, a twig, rocks, and spools of thread.

Linda Austin | photo: Christine Dong

Both body and objects provide opportunities for a tactile and poetic apprehension of the world to hand. I offer a sly and subtle provocation for audiences to consider the materiality/mortality of their own bodies and the pleasures of touch, as well as the liveliness and glamour of the ordinary. I luxuriate in juxtaposing heterogeneous elements within the same field, transitioning with little fanfare among task-like activities, tactile exploration of self and environment, and the  necessity of releasing impulse into movement that embodies multiple aesthetic and emotional registers—simultaneous or alternating.

Choreography and performance: Linda Austin
Sound design and composition: Juniana Lanning
Video: Kelly Rauer

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