PWNW Studio Information and Rules

Office: 503-777-1907  To call Linda’s cell:  503-381-2186.  Jeff’s cell: 503-888-5619
Studio calendar:

COVID Precautions

—There is currently a 2.5 hour buffer time of empty space between each use. We sanitize the floor once or twice day. The person taking care of space (Linda) has been vaccinated.
—wash or sanitize hands upon entering and as you leave
—use masks to use the bathroom
—sanitize touch points before you leave.
There are white cloths at tech booth and peroxide or alcohol solution in a sprayer as well as a spray disinfectant. Dampen the cloth with your cleaner for electronic type stuff. Direct spray is ok on other surfaces. Or use wipes if available in the space. There are green dots around to remind you of the most likely spots.



* First time users: In advance
* Trusted User Group: Pay invoice issued at the end of each month.
* Occasional users: Pay when invoiced.
* CASH: Exact amount. Use an envelope. Write your name on it. Slip under office door.
* CHECKS: make out to Performance Works NW or PWNW. Mail or slip under office door.
* VENMO: @PWNWpdx.
* We can also send a payable invoice via SQUARE.

WIFI: PWNW / Password = boris2natasha OR performanceworks / Password = 7771907

Switches for lights and fan are just inside next to office door.

Ceiling Fan– Usually ceiling fan is enough for cooling. During hot summer days you may want to add the air conditioner.

Floor: Protect floor from equipment that marks or gouges. Barefoot or CLEAN soft or leather shoes. No spike heels, tap shoes. Don’t wear shoes that leave black marks.

Heat/AC There are remotes that operates the two heat pump/AC units on the wall above the seating platforms. There is a manual as well. WINTER: DON’T TURN HEAT OFF. Just turn down to 63 degrees upon leaving.

Bathroom is through the kitchen, which is the far door to the right as you enter–no need to knock! Once in the kitchen bathroom door is then to your right. Light switch is to your right and sometimes hard to find because of décor, but it’s right there.

: Dustbroom is in the corner by the kitchen. Or sometimes in the corner by the risers.There should be a dustpan & brush there also—or in the kitchen. Clean up all food mess: spills, crumbs etc. There are paper towels in kitchen and rags in the bathroom under the sink.

Garbage and Recycling: There is a a small garbage bin in kitchen and a blue recycle crate behind the fridge. However, it’s great if you can take it all outside!

* Dark green smaller bin —>Trash
* Blue bin —>paper, cardboard (no food contaminated stuff!) plastic bottles NO TOPS OR LIDS, metal cans, etc. They should be rinsed.
* Green bin —>FOOD scraps.
* Glass bottles can be left in our kitchen in the sink or under the bench outside.

Leaving: Put chairs etc. back where you found them. Close any open windows and doors to kitchen office

USING THE SOUND SYSTEM (there should be a copy of these directions next to the mixer)

1. Connect your ipod or other external device with the cable hanging out of the Mixer.
2. Turn on Mixer–switch on back next to power cord.
3. Turn on on the power strip by the kitchen door. This will power up the speakers hanging from ceilings in the “upstage” corners. If by some chance someone has switched speaker itself off, the switch is on back of the speaker next to power cord.
4. Master faders on right side of Mixer need to be up.
5. Adjust volume with the fader on the mixer that corresponds to the cable you have used.

1. MIXER: Bring all faders down to 0. [except if taped at a specific level for a show]
2. Turn off SPEAKERS.
3. Turn off MIXER.
4. Remove your device.