OCT 17-NOV 2 || Linda Austin || 3 miles of possible (the first mile)

Linda Austin presents the first mile of 3 miles of possible , a durational solo exploring the poetic and practical associations of “the possible” in a world of fluctuating personal, material, political and artistic contingencies.

June 22-23 || Linda Austin || 2 solos from the 1980s

PWNW Founder & Artistic Director Linda Austin performs new versions of two of her earliest solos: Recipe: A Reading Test (1983) and Raw Material (1985). Both solos reveal Linda’s early fascination with puzzle-like structures and deconstructions and the how the life of the socialized body, the life of language, and the life of objects all intersect.

March 26 in NYC || Linda Austin || Ordinary Devotions (work-in-progress)

PWNW Artistic Director Linda Austin tries out another work-in-progress excerpt of Ordinary Devotions, a work set to premiere as an evening-length version in 2019. Ordinary Devotions is a meditative solo of tenderness towards the aging body, a tactile apprehension of the world to hand.