July 26 || Asimina Chremos || Leaning in

Join us
Monday July 26 at 7pm

Leaning in:
an evening of improvised dance

with award-winning dancer/choreographer Asimina Chremos

plus Linda Austin
plus Karen Nelson.

Suggested donation $5-$15.
Performance Works NW
4625 SE 67th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206


Hang out with us post-performance at an informal reception!
Called “a strong, elegant, long-limbed dancer who moves with a sense of stark drama and genuine lyricism” (Chicago Sun-Times), Asimina Chremos began her career with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater in the early 1980’s and later forayed into studies with innovator-improvisers such as Simone Forti and Ishmael Houston-Jones. Approaching dance via improvisation, she creates abstractions, narratives and kinetic sculptural forms across stages, studios and spaces of all types and sizes. She has won awards for her choreographic development from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Chicago Dancemakers Forum. Chremos will be an artist in residence at Studio Dee in Seattle during August 2010. Check out her video dance log on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/circadiandancer

Linda Austin has been creating, performing and producing dance and performance since 1983. After years based in NYC and Mexico, she returned to her native Oregon in 1998, and with Jeff Forbes, founded Performance Works NorthWest, Portland’s feisty incubator for experimental performance. Austin’s award-winning work has been performed at the TBA Festival, Northwest New Works at On the Boards and at many of the most respected cutting-edge dance venues of New York City. As a maker and performer of dance, she continues to find inspiration in the puzzle of the human body’s awkward, lyrical and often accidental beauty and in the paradoxical demands for both conscious guidance and spontaneity in the moment of performance.

“A strong theater artist who constructs movement scenarios with subtle wit and an eye for the unusual.” —Catherine Thomas, Oregonian

Karen Nelson: I began practicing dance improvisation in the late 70’s beginning with release techniques of Mary Fulkerson, Joan Skinner, those involved in contact improvisation, as well as in depth study of Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine and deep collaboration with Lisa Nelson’s work of improvisation centered on direct experience of the senses and perceptual sensing in crafting performance. I toured, teaching and performing for a couple of decades collaborating with all kinds of artists. I’ve spent the last 8 years more on the outside of the dance scene, working as a caretaker of land in Goldendale, WA developing rural retreat facilities for a Portland dharma group where meditation and qi gong have seeped into the weave of my daily practice. Dusting off performance chops is a fun exercise, kind of new and familiar, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to measure life changes as I, along with the rest of you, lean into the unknown.

2 Replies to “July 26 || Asimina Chremos || Leaning in”

  1. poem inspired by an evening of improvised dance by asimina chremos, linda austin,
    and karen nelson

    whitened steel bent around to womb
    fans stir the waiting warmth
    platform pieced together of discordant wood
    an elephantine pile of pooped paper
    pretends to flower the floor
    the dark brown dirt digging men outside
    don’t dig the heat when they
    dig in the heat they
    spade the glassy sun-
    swum a body
    tantrums the blue
    inflatable bed
    designed to
    accept its abuse-
    limbs poke what’s empty
    but check the holes to assure them
    suspension tests the other
    leaning torso hides, secretly
    confides to
    neglected quadriceps
    find universal alignment
    in obligatory circles
    explore the knelt again
    rock plopped, rock plopped!
    pirouhettes uncover
    ourselves finding ourselves
    in a doorway, begging
    the outside in
    shovel munch, she is so
    sickly slow and crunched
    in the middle of the floor
    spilt notices crawl her
    away and toward
    an armlock hop, carefully, her
    limbs symbiotically enjoy their mutual spin
    so precarious the repetition
    all the ways bellies trace
    jellied scimitars in space
    …cat enters, checks the humans…
    the risk of not knowing is continued
    we are invited to the precipice
    the vulgar white headdress of what’s next
    the mask blown off blown off
    blown away but kept
    beside the crying
    we can take it off
    we can make it stop
    but we can’t say goodbye
    hiding beneath the pile
    of fresh white bones
    beside the pool of blue air
    feet pause the descent
    of the calcium chandelier
    the other one skates
    the linoleum with slick flyers
    perched in her peach
    blossom sparkle shirt
    a ladder is known
    but who would buy that?
    panting spins the future crones
    and floor found again like religion
    white skin crunched
    three backs find
    the mutual corner
    as monuments test the windowed light
    their skeletons compose sculptures
    one circles her way through trash
    or perhaps trashes her way through circles
    caught cat-staring away
    caught scrubbing a tired wave
    of sunlight fell
    all the way here
    to all of us
    roomed for the light
    their bodies found wings together
    found themselves flocked for a moment
    pregnant soil absorbs a
    cloud burst of skinned they-

    triangulate the retreat…

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