Oct. 22-23 Cabaret Boris & Natasha

Performance Works NorthWest presents…

Fri-Sat Oct. 22-23
@ 8pm
Performance Works NorthWest
4625 SE 67th Ave. (Foster/Holgate)

$10-$15 sliding scale;
$8-$12 Fan Club
Advance Tickets at hulahub.com
Drinks and snacks for cheap!

MC’d by the multi-talented Alicia McDaid the Cabaret also features…

  • Benjamin Ford Asriel (dance)
  • John Bacone (video)
  • Cyndy Chan & Doug Theriault (shadow puppetry + sound art)
  • Dora Nichole Gaskill (dance)
  • Lucy Yim (dance)
  • The Boris & Natasha Dancers, Portland’s favorite revolving gang of untrained male performersm directed by Linda Austin. For this performance the dancers are Jeff Diteman, John Marc, David Weinberg & James Yeary.

AND – to mark their 10th Wedding Anniversary (married Oct. 21, 2000 in the PWNW space) PWNW founders Linda Austin & Jeff Forbes will renew their vows!

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Benjamin Ford Asriel: My Body Is Me is an intimate, austere, and personal solo in which choreographer Benjamin Asriel—taking movement and inspiration from a video of himself improvising as a child—investigates his own body as the concrete instance of his identity and experience. Asriel grew up in Glasgow, Kentucky where he cultivated his love of art in his mother’s dance classes, on the soccer field, and playing trumpet in the GHS Band.  He studied music theory at Brown University (AB Music ‘03) and dance at NYU Tisch School of the Arts (MFA ‘06).  Ben lived in Portland (’09/’10) long enough to buy a pair of Keens, develop a mature biking habit, and otherwise fall in love with PDX before returning to New York, NY, where he currently lives, works, and plays as a dance/performance-artist and urban-composting hopeful.
Note: this solo is performed nude.

John Bacone’s videos range from abstraction to strange dreams loosely based on the timing and structure of an old cartoon. Bacone is a Portland based sculptor and filmmaker whose work shows around the world. He helps out with groups like Teeth, Telegraph, Tahni Holt, PDX Pop Now!, Hot Little Hands, Northwestern Exposure, and SoundView Films. Check out more of his work at Mississippi Studios and vimeo.com/bacone

Doug Theriault & Cyndy Chan appreciate disorientation in familiar surroundings, unfiltered and overly refined sensory data, and the tickle at the horizon of one’s own ability to determine outcomes. Here again with colored lights, animate shadows, homegrown noise (buzz-r-electronics.com) and voices.

Dora Nichole Gaskill‘s PITCH is a movement study about temporary residences and confined spaces. Gaskill is a performance artist and lighting designer vaguely based in Portland.

Alicia McDaid performed with Rush-N-Disco for 3 years and more recently with the Galactic Daughters of Passion and Rad Wave USA.  Her short video “Don’t Fart In My Pussy and Call It a Whoopee Cushion” is currently being developed for Broadway by Bette Midler and Trey Anastasio.  “For Alicia McDaid, work and life are so thoroughly intertwined, it is impossible at times to tell one from the other.” —John Motley. alicialovemcdaid.com

Lucy Yim’s work-in-progress Full Body involves dancers and musicians that are going to perform very seriously, work performatively, and seriously work. Collaborators: Jean-Paul Jenkins, Jin Camou, Bonnie Green, Chelsea Petrakis, Danielle Ross, and Alyssa Reed. Yim is a dancer, dance maker and Gyrotonic teacher who honors process and collaboration. These days, she is interested in dancing as an ensemble and the challenges that arise when improvising as one brain and body. Lucy has worked with great Portland artists such as Linda Austin and Cydney Wilkes.  Please visit her blog for more information on upcoming and past works: luccyim.wordpress.com.

The Boris & Natasha Dancers will whip up a dance for your enjoyment in one and a half rehearsals, under the idiosyncratic guidance of taskmistress Linda Austin. They are, as ever, all male, all untrained, all wonderful. Jeff Diteman plays the cello and goes swimming. He has taken 2nd place in the Mississippi Pizza Spelling Bee three times. Jean Marc has many talents and will reveal a few of them. David Weinberg is an outer space human formed in the fall of ’09 who specializes in general relativity and all things that rhyme with gloss-over. James Yeary is a member of the Spare Room Poets’Collective.

Linda Austin (choreographer) and Jeff Forbes (lighting designer) met in the 1970s at Lewis and Clark College. They worked on lighting crew together but never dated until the late 90s. spending a couple fun years cross-country dating until Linda moved back to Oregon after her two decades plus in NYC. They married ten years ago at Performance Works NW, a former church (Assembly of God, and Russian Orthodox). PWNW is also celebrating a 10 year-anniversary in its present and only location.

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