9th Annual Richard Foreman Mini Fest

See a gallery of 2011 Foreman Fest artist photos HERE!

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Summer has passed without the annual mind-bending mayhem that is the Richard Foreman Fest. What gives? But never fear, Performance Works NorthWest is concocting your yearly dose of Richard Foreman-derived paratheatrical psychotropics to be administered during the cooler days of early October. As in the past eight years, an intrepid gang of Portland artists cheerfully takes up the challenge of delving into an assigned text from the online notebooks of avant-garde theater pioneer Foreman. Then, by adapting, mangling, cutting, pasting—by tossing in movement, video, visuals, and other text—the performers brew up new works to be staged 10 days later!

Two shows, with a different lineup each night. Drinks, snacks, silent auction!
TICKETS for this fundraising event are sliding scale:
$15-$25 for one show
$25-$50 for both shows.

Advance tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/199183.
Reservations: 503-777-1907.
Funds raised will support programming by Linda Austin Dance & Performance Works NW.

SAT October 8
Heidi Carlsen–auteur  + Drew Pisarra–artiste
Philip Elson–choreographer, dancer
Lilian Gael–performance artist, dancer
Lois Leveen + Chuck Barnes–omnificants
Paige McKinney–dancer
Katrina O’Brien–dancer
Stephanie Simek–artist, performer
James Yeary–bass guitar, language + Justin Glenn Smith–electronics, strategy

SUN October 9
John Berendzen–musician + Camille Cettina–performer
Tiffany Lee Brown–interdisciplinary artist, writer
Catherine Egan directs Greg Paul, Keyon Gaskin and Anne Sorce–music, dance and voice
Dora Nichole Gaskill–choreographer, dancer
Nathan H.G.–movement artist
Grace Nowakoskidancer + Jeff Diteman–cellist
Stephen O’Donnell–artist, performer + Gigi Little–writer, performer
Our Shoes Are Red/The Performance Lab–theatre ensemble
Kaj-anne Pepper–choreographer, performance artist

MC: Leo Daedalus–mammal
Chris Piuma–word garbler
The Boris & Natasha Dancers: Jacob Anderson, Bill Boese and Dug Martell–untrained male dancers wrangled by choreographer Linda Austin

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