Back in the studio!

We finally had our cast party for A head of time, taking advantage of the faux summer last weekend and having a cookout and then adjourning to the studio to appreciate Karl Lind‘s great video! Still to come in terms of loose ends are a couple of handcrafted rewards for Kickstarter backers who inspire such gratitude!

It has been good to be back in the studio, moving, dreaming, playing with objects, making tangible the first beginnings of my next project called Three Trick Pony, a sketch of which I will perform June 18 as part of the closing performance of the 20th Season of Movement Research  at Judson Church.

Also coming up this summer :

June 8 & 9Creative Music Guild’s Improvisation Summit. I will perform Saturday June 9 with musicians Ben Kates & Ryan Miller

August 5 Collision Series at Conduit: Fundraiser for FRONT NEWSPAPER

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