April 22-24 || A head of time (solo version)

A head of time
Solo by Linda Austin
& Fundraiser for Linda Austin’s (Un)Made

all photos on this page by Chelsea Petrakis

Linda Austin offers an expanded version of a recent solo based on her 2012 critically-acclaimed ensemble work A head of time, churning up movement, visuals, props, text and sound in a tragi-comic meditation on time and loss.

Austin puts her 62-year-old body on the line. She wields hammer, balloon, video images, a ladder, extension cords and other props. She wraps herself in blankets and a soundscape by Seth Nehil that weaves together sounds from life, pop music and Seth’s own sound artistry. She pits all of this against the inexorable formation, re-formation, dissolution and fragmentation of the timescapes that make up our very being.

“Everyone has a time machine. Everyone is a time machine.”
“I am transcribing a book that I have, in a sense, not yet written, and in another sense, have always written, and in another sense, am currently writing, and in another sense, am always writing, and in another sense, will never write.”
― Charles YuHow to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

April 22 & 23, Fri/Sat at 8pm
April 24 Sunday at 2pm
Performance Works NW
4625 SE 67th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206

Tickets: $15-$50 Sliding Scale at  ahead.brownpapertickets.com
Net proceeds go to fund dancers’s fees for the November 2016 premiere of Austin’s (Un)Made You

Choreography and Performance by Linda Austin
Text by Austin, Richard Foreman and the 2012 ensemble cast of A head of time
Video by Austin
Sound score by Seth Nehil.

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