Check out our fall events!

Join us for the following panoply of performance this fall!

All events at PWNW || 4625 SE 67th Ave.|| Portland, OR 97206
unless otherwise specified
Find Advance Tickets to many events HERE


Thursdays in October
Ghastly Aberrations: An evening of inexplicable oddities and especially unpleasant occurances

November 4-6
Stephanie Lavon Trotter and Dora Gaskill
Obstacles and Victory Songs
A PWNW Alembic Co-Production)

November 12, 13 and November 17-20
“the last bell rings for you”—Stage 2 of Linda Austin’s (Un)Made trilogy
at Shaking the Tree Warehouse
November 16: KARAOKE party!

December 2-4
A Turbulence of Muses
by Antero Alli

December 9-11
Sascha Blocker’s The Intimacy Project

December 15-17
Katie Sherman’s Complicated Women

December 18
GIFTS: Featuring 2015 Visiting Artist Clare Whistler.
A film showing and performative event.


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