• 3 miles of possible

    3 miles of possible

    A durational dance performance exploring the poetic and practical associations of “the possible” in a world of fluctuating personal, material, political and artistic contingencies. Austin animates and travels along a series of spatial paths envisioned as giant drawings, spells, and/or runes. These paths are threaded through with a variety of movement scores, choreographies, tasks, interactions…

  • /ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/

    /ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/

    /ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/ by Linda Austin & Allie Hankins weaves movement, object, words, and song to celebrate (or is it bemoan?) our unstable, unpredictable world and the revelations yielded by a rigorous yet playful devotion to unlikely pairings and (re)combinations.

  • Ordinary Devotions

    Ordinary Devotions

    An intimate drama of gesture and sensation unfolds alongside an unorthodox use of everyday objects: a large white tarp, a lamp worn on the body, a twig, rocks, and spools of thread

  • a world, a world

    a world, a world

    a world a world, presented at PWNW in January 2020, invited audiences into a an extravagantly immersive landscape saturated by shards of movement, sound, image, and language—a hyperactive tumult that stutters and sputters out, yielding to a spacious, luminous, and meditative world.

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