June 22-23 || Linda Austin || 2 solos from the 1980s

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Linda Austin || Recipe: A Reading Test + Raw Material
Two solos from the 1980s
June 22 & 23 at 8pm
Linda Austin Dance

PWNW Founder & Artistic Director Linda Austin performs new versions of two of her earliest solos: Recipe: A Reading Test (1983) and Raw Material (1985) as a mini-fundraiser for Performance Works programming.

Both solos reveal Linda’s early fascination with puzzle-like structures and the intersections among and the how the life of language, and the life of objects, and the life of the socialized (a-socialized) body all intersect. In Recipe: A Reading Test, Austin spells out a 3-D rebus interrogating the artist/audience relationship with objects such as soup cans, Polaroid photos and paint. Raw Material pulls apart the text of a typical porn short story and juxtaposes the words with everyday objects and apparently non-sexual movement, in the process yielding rhythms of language and body in which the seemingly sordid spills over into the beautiful.

1984 Recipe 1 Toyo Tsuchiya.jpgRecipe: A Reading Test was originally performed in October 1983 at Fashion Moda in the Bronx as part of the benefit exhibition Food for the Soup Kitchens, and subsequently reprised at Storefront for Art & Architecture (see photo).

Raw Material was first performed at Kiva, a performance loft on Canal Street in 1985 as part of a self-produced split bill.

Proceeds go to support PWNW||Linda Austin Dance  programs. Advance Tickets HERE.

Photos by Toyo Tsuchiya from 1983 performance of Recipe: A Reading Test



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