2022-23 Fall & Winter Events

Face masks completely covering nose and mouth are required to be worn while attending events at our studio theater. Please wear a high-filtration mask with a tight fit to the face, such as a KN95 or N95. We highly encourage vaccinations and boosters!! Unmasked performers are tested regularly.

September 25, 4pm
Shannon Mockli || informal showing

Shannon Mockli & Sarah Ebert in “(sub)terrain”
Photo by Jennifer James-Long

An indulgent series of collaborative duets facilitated by Eugene-based choreographer Shannon Mockli featuring sound artist Jon Bellona, and dancers Dakota Bouher, Karen Daly, Sarah Ebert, and Carlos Rassmussen, exploring our movement identities and histories, and how differences meld into distinct syntheses. What is the nature of our being together at this time? As an in-process showing, audience feedback will be a valuable and much-appreciated part of the program. 

4pm at PWNW
FREE or Pay what you will at the door
All donations go directly to Shannon
PWNW Public Access

October 15, 5:30pm
Linda Austin || 3 miles of possible (the second mile)

Photo by Douglas Detrick

PWNW Artistic Director Linda Austin presents Mile 2 of her ongoing project 3 miles of possible. Audiences will have the chance to view the first mile, the second mile, or both miles back to back, depending on the date they choose. In this work, Austin travels a series of spatial paths threaded through with a variety of movement scores, choreographies, tasks, interactions with objects, guest artists, texts, songs, and sound compositions.
Linda Austin Dance

Full event info

October 8, 7:30pm
Nine Women: An Evening of Improv Comedy

Bridge City Improv brings together three trios of the Portland area’s best improv comedians. Featuring Allie Rivenbark + Betse Green + Lisa Brousseau // Mariah Muñoz + Sarah Thompson + Elena Afanasiev// Amy Conway + Lauren Sinner + Kristen Shier.

Sat. Oct. 8 at 7:30 pm (doors at 7:00)
PWNW Public Access

October 28 || Imposter/Switch

Friday, October 28 8pm
$5-$15 cash or venmo at the door

Imposter/Switch is a newly launched quarterly interdisciplinary arts exhibition/performance, co-curated by Co-Curators Kennedy Verrett (music) and Marissa Rae Niederhauser (dance, video, performance art) that celebrates the imposter syndrome living in each of us, inviting artists to courageously ‘fake it’ wearing the [creative] mask of another artist. Genre chosen by random drawing.

Artist lineup: Emily Jones, Gretchen Rinkus, Tatiana Muzica, Darian Patrick, McKenna Marvin, and Luke Gutgsell.

November 4-6
Alembic Artist Series: Blue McCall & dee bustos

Blue McCall
Dee Bustos

Our Alembic Resident Artists celebrate the end of their residency by sharing work in development.This first weekend of the series features work by Blue McCall and dee bustos

Friday, Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 5pm

Alembic Resident Artist Program


November 11-13
Alembic Artist Series: Pepper Pepper & Adrianna Audoma

Pepper Pepper
Adrianna Audoma

Our Alembic Resident Artists celebrate the end of their residency by sharing work in development For this 2nd and final weekend of our Alembic Series, Pepper Pepper and Adrianna Audoma share work.

Friday, Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 5pm

Alembic Resident Artist Program


November 17-20
Marissa Rae Niederhauser

Record Rewind replay record rewind record replay replay rewind record record replay rewind replay replay replay 
photo by Ian Lucero

During time spent visiting her father in a dementia care facility choreographer Marissa Rae Niederhauser became curious about the correlations between Alzheimer’s Disease and General Relativity. She is joined by composer Juniana Lanning and actor Daniel Shaw for a devised theater work contemplating the slippery qualities of time, intangibility of self/relationships and the myth of memory amidst a tangle of chairs, record players, paper airplanes and unspooled cassette tapes.

Thurs-Sun @7:30pm
Alembic Co-Production

February 18 || Imposter/Switch #2

Celebrating the imposter syndrome living in each of us by poking a little fun at the idea that mastery is necessary for creative viability and inviting artists to courageously switch disciplines with another artist. Co-curatored by Marissa Rae Niederhauser (Dance, video, performance art) and Kennedy Verrett (Music)

More info and artist lineup

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